Imogen’s training is such a beautiful journey into womanhood and the blessings of being wild women. It really demonstrates the power of connection, and how playing with creativity can bring so much fun to the act of sitting in circle. All women should do this training, it should be cherished and passed on to our daughters.

Imogen is an absolute professional in every way and she has so much knowledge to share. I also loved the business component in this course as it is invaluable. Imogen does this work from the heart and her love of women’s circles really shows in every part of the training.


“ Training with Imogen has been so inspiring. I was always unsure as to whether I had the capacity or skills to go far in this industry but after taking this course I feel as though I am not only capable but also extremely knowledgeable. I feel acknowledged, I feel honoured, and I feel so inspired. I have never felt so connected, included and part of a group of women in my life”.


“The whole structure of the course was beautifully balanced with knowledge and reflections about the depth of women’s circles as well as providing invaluable business knowledge. I felt confident to move forward and pursue my life purpose after completing this training. Thank you Imogen!”


“ I’m a Kinesiologist and I wanted to cultivate a women’s circle, I looked in my area and couldn’t find one. So I thought why not? Why don’t I start a women’s circle. I had no idea how and I had no resources, so I found Imogen’s course and I went for it!”


“I decided to do this course with Imogen because I am already a yoga teacher and thought it would really compliment what I already do. I really love brining women together and sharing in circle and community”


“I’ve been setting up my own yoga therapy business and I really like the idea of women coming together in a community to support each other. This course felt like the right complimentary education for what I am creating”


“This training fulfilled my expectations of finding a container for my work in education, meditation, art therapy and any of interest, really! I loved the spectrum of ideas for circle – from pizza and wine, to books to more spiritual ones and that each persons approach was equally valued. There is a lot of room for creativity and for adjusting the spiritual values for different audiences. Thank you for this nurturing and inspiring course.”


“What a wholly soulful experience it has been to be a part of Imogen’s Women’s Circle Facilitator Training! The course content is very rich in ideas, information, imagery and practicalities that have allowed me to feel like, “Hey, I can do this…NOW!” It is delivered with unparalleled love and belief and conviction in the power of women coming together and doing what is purely in our nature to do. What gives this training depth and life and magic is Imogen herself. What a beautiful heart, so passionate and willing to share all she has learnt. If you hear or feel a voice from within, a kind of yearning for something more, answer her, give her the gift of Women’s Circle, take this training and share it with your community. Thank you Imogen, for the gift of you”.

Abdul Sankari

Being the husband, I buckle under pressure and don’t really know what to do, Imogen took a load off, guided me and my wife through and helped me be there for my wife steering me in the right direction, in ways I could help and offer assistance, it really helped me cope and the stress and fear was gone.
She was there for us, step by step, and we wouldn’t do it again without her.

Her support before, during and after the birth was incredible. I can’t ever thank you enough Imogen.

Yasmin Sankari

Imogen was amazing! Her devotion was just… I don’t even have words. The three days she stayed with me, barely getting any sleep, and remaining strong and calm and all about me, she was my absolute rock, I would not hesitate to have her at all future births. She nurtured me, gave me love and was just so pure and raw. Her treatment of me and hubby was astounding, she went above and beyond, all for me.

Imogen guided me gently and helped me be empowered and in control of my birth, and assisted me in making the choices for my desired birth.She made me feel special, and I never felt as though she was “doing her job”, no! She was all heart and soul. One I will forever be grateful and thankful for.
Thanks, Imogen, I would do it all again with you any day xxx